Review: Bed Head - Small Talk

A few weeks back I mentioned that I had purchased Small Talk and I promised myself that I would try it out properly and write a brief review... 

What does it do? The packet and my hairdresser both recommended it as a 3 in 1 product to use as a thickener/energiser/styliser to help lift hair and give the layers some volume and definition. 

My hair is fine but there's lots of it, so it appears thick, but it needs to have the frizz that's developed in the front since having L controlled, whilst not being weighed down. 
Scarlett had used this on my hair when finishing it and had advised to use a pump of small talk on damp hair before styling - so once I had washed my hair I put 1 pumpful of Small Talk into the palms of my hands and distributed it through my hair avoiding the roots. It felt sticky and at first made the damp hair difficult to brush, although  through as it dried, I did notice the difference in the smoothness and my hairbrush began to glide through. 

Once dried my hair did appear to have more volume and moment and the heaviness of the product, didn't leave my hair looking limp and greasy. It still looked fresh the next day, no lank greasiness, due to product build up!

Over the last few weeks, I have tried it a few times on damp hair and I have finally worked out the correct amount for my hair, I start with 1/2 a pump run through from the top of my ears and 1/2 a pump more at the ends. 

I also decided to play around and see what it was like as a smoother on dry hair and was quite surprised that I prefer to use it this way as it takes the frizz out of my fringe and the very ends of my hair (I just make sure that I avoid the roots at all cost) and it defines the layers really well in the way a cream wax would. 

Plus, as it smells so delicious I get the added benefit of it smelling stronger and wafting up more! Although I wouldn't use it like this on thicker/well moisturised hair as it would probably result in it looking greasy - not the effect you are wanting! 

Part of the reason, it works so well and one of the reasons I really like Small Talk is that after a bit of research, I found that it contains both jojoba and sunflower oils. I have used these before on my own hair and in my blends for head massage as they are brilliant natural emulsifiers. 

Usually, once I have given a head massage, I run the remaining oils through the hair and recommend to my clients that if possible, they leave the oils on their hair overnight as they help to feed the skin of the scalp and smooth the hair follicles leaving the shaft smooth and moisturised. So no wonder Small Talk worked so well! 

And the best bit is that although I bought a small bottle (for under £5),because I need so little,I can use it daily/every other day and won't run out too soon!! 

I am just finding my feet with writing reviews - normally I rave in person! So if you have pointers or can recommend beauty/hair products that I can try in my quest to revive my style and tame the frizz then please let me know! 
**This review is not endorsed - I purchased the product myself and is simply my own ravings following use**


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