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Back already... with a mouthwatering recipe in tow!

Whilst nosing around on the official Dukan site, looking for inspirational recipes to get me back on track, I found this one and had to share it! 
Molten Chocolate Muffins 

Preparation time: 10 min
Cooking time: 30 min
Serves 6

4 eggs
12 tablespoons of Dukan Diet oat bran
3 tablespoons  of skimmed milk powder
4 tablespoons of 0% fromage frais or quark
1 tablespoon of liquid sweet
ener (of Stevia or other powdered sweetener)
3 level tablespoons of cornstarch
1 sachet of yeast
A couple of drops of Dukan chocolate flavouring
6 tablespoons of Dukan Gourmet chocolate spread


- Preheat oven to 180°C
- Separate the egg whites from the yolks
- In a large bowl, mix the yolks together with the sweetener,  fromage frais, milk powder, cornstarch, baking powder, oat bran, and flavouring.
- Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form and gently incorporate them into the rest of the mixture. Fill each silicone muffin mold halfway with a spoonful of the batter, then add a dollop of…

Slowly slipping off the wagon...

Well lovelies... It's been a month since my last post, I am sad to say in that month I haven't lost anything, well except the pounds I have gained from falling off the Dukan wagon...

Yes I have fallen with an almighty crash - looking over the previous post it was inevitable the sandwich at lunch has led to a sandwich and a bag of skips because my little internal voice was telling me 'it's cheaper to buy the meal deal!' & 'its better to stop in Tesco on the way to work than having the temptation in the house'.... Was it little voice? Was it really?

Then there's has been L's birthday (which meant cake!), introducing L to the joys of marmite... He loves it! Which is odd as I couldn't eat it whilst pregnant as it would trigger morning sickness... So my little internal voice rationalised this as needing to show L it was yummy!

Add to this that because of L's birthday money has been tight, meaning this last week has seen me eating carbs wit…