Slowly slipping off the wagon...

Well lovelies... It's been a month since my last post, I am sad to say in that month I haven't lost anything, well except the pounds I have gained from falling off the Dukan wagon...

Yes I have fallen with an almighty crash - looking over the previous post it was inevitable the sandwich at lunch has led to a sandwich and a bag of skips because my little internal voice was telling me 'it's cheaper to buy the meal deal!' & 'its better to stop in Tesco on the way to work than having the temptation in the house'.... Was it little voice? Was it really?

Then there's has been L's birthday (which meant cake!), introducing L to the joys of marmite... He loves it! Which is odd as I couldn't eat it whilst pregnant as it would trigger morning sickness... So my little internal voice rationalised this as needing to show L it was yummy!

Add to this that because of L's birthday money has been tight, meaning this last week has seen me eating carbs with dinner to stretch the protein we have in the fridge/freezer between us!

I have been dreading the scales - having weighed myself twice over the last two weeks as I found that I put on 4lb the first time. Then had lost it again a week later. So today I stepped on to find that the weight is the same as last week -17st exactly!

So whilst I am pleased that with small portion control I have stayed the same. I am angry at myself for allowing that little voice to justify this gradual fall, which has got to be worse than a fast fall as habits have developed again! Which means that I now must break them all over again and my hard work in building up will power (for want of a better word) has gone to seed!

But I will break it, after a bit of a twitter confession I had a lovely tweet from @dukancouching telling me to get back in the saddle because I can #Dukandoit! So off I send my little voice to the naughty step! If that doesn't work it'll be duck tape for both of us!


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