I wish you a Merry Christmas...

The past eight months has seen new challenges and brought with it new qualifications. As with all career changes there are ups and downs. 

However, the positive affects that it has had on my personal life makes up for all the drama and I am applying the principle that yes the deadlines and hoops that need to be jumped through are very important but at the end of the day, a life isn't on the line and I will meet them, I just won't allow myself to get too stressed over it (I can't rule out stressing a bit - it's the perfectionist part of me!) 

However in L's eyes I have changed - I am a 'happy Mummy' now, a Mummy who has time for adventures. 

One who can be completely in the moment with him; one who has been there for his first week of school, can drop him off each day, pick him up from school at least once a week, can throw him Halloween parties, take him adventure playgrounds, attend birthday parties, help on his first school trip - we went to the panto!, attend his first nativity - he was a sheep! and join/attend PTA meetings. All of which (and much more to come) I would have struggled to do if I had still been working my 40+ week of nights and days. I would have been present as much as possible in body but not in mind 😞

Our Christmas period has been AMAZING! 

D started a new job at the start of December too, which has meant he too has weekends off the plan for the new year is to have at least one adventure day each weekend and he too for the first time in 14 years of working has had Christmas off! Even pre L, we have never had proper time off to visit friends and family - fitting in snatched days here and there around everyone's schedules. 

We started December with an empty calendar and by the end it is completely full! 

This last week has seen impromptu play dates and visits with friends and family, a chilled out Christmas Eve at home with cookie making and a midnight turkey dash due to the size of the bird! A slightly hectic Christmas Day due to said turkey drama (Thank you Mum!), resolution to either go out for dinner next year or have a alternative dinner party - currently Pizza is up for discussion! Boxing Day spent with two of our best friends and Sunday with part of our Romford family - all in all lovely Christmas period 😀
When asked what his favourite part of Christmas was on the drive home yesterday, expecting L to say one of his presents, he told me spending time with his family!!! 

For four years old, that is quite an insight. This year we haven't overly spoilt him like years gone past, as he wants for nothing during the year and is treated each payday, instead we lavished attention on him. 

This morning as I sit on the couch and write this he is currently building Lego with Daddy (or rather D is building it and L is playing with his Lego DC superheroes... let the pain of Lego begin... I hate slippers but I am thinking indoor shoes may be needed - if there was ever a time for Crocs it is now!! 

Work doesn't begin properly again for another week - I do have some work but it can be worked around our family plans to spend time together and see other good friends and family... in short, the resolution I made in 2013 after the passing of Kerry aka Multiple Mummy has finally come to fruition and 2016 looks set to be a good year! 

Thank you to all who have shared in our Christmas and to those who we are yet to spend time with, we will see you in 2016 for fun, laughter and many memory making moments! 
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