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NYNYStyleProject - Manicure Monday's

As previously mentioned I have been joining in with the #NYNYStyleProject over on Instagram/Twitter on and off since it started and this month they added a weekly style prompt of Manicure Monday's. 
I have been following this prompt to a point - I have been painting my toes as I can't wear opaque nail polish at work, in fact I when working clinical shifts I avoid it, which is a shame as I love Gelish and swear that it the Gelish manicure I had back in the summer really helped improve the condition of my nails. 
My nails/cuticles/hands have become quite dry over the last few years - where once my nails grew quickly and the skin on my hands was soft and plump, because my job involves a lot of handwashing - it has effectively ruined my hands. 
Infection control in my clinical role is key - but did you know that good handwashing technique is just one way to prevent germs from harbouring on your hands - the other thing you must do is look after your skin and nails - because dry/broken…