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Redukaning day 3

Well I am not going to lie the last two days have been stressful and probably not the best of times to have started back on the Dukan, as my work life has seen me based at a hospital. 
But I have strived to stay to the Dukan for the best part and this morning did notice a 2lb difference. This was with a packet of crisp and a nut bar thrown in as a way to strive off a hunger induced headache - not the best but all the vending machine had to offer and I made sure they were small and low calorie. 
I have chosen to cut out diet coke, this time around as I have read quite a lot on the effects of aspartame on ME/CFS and the body as a whole so I am drinking flavoured water and black coffee (occasionally with a dash of milk) next week once I have done the big shops I will add in green tea.
I have actually enjoyed my breakfast of ham and egg in ways it is more satisfying than marmite on toast or crumpet - I won't pretend that I don't miss it, a fellow twitter user was tweeting about marmi…

30 things for 30th update...

I have found two more things for my list and begun to cross off other bits... 
Including the acts of kindness - for example last week I made sure to give my thanks to the station staff at Colchester who dealt wonderfully well when all services were messed up by a rail accident at another station. 

Hair makeover has begun - firstly my hair has had a bleach bath to help remove some of the red... I am slowly aiming toward being blonde for the summer... As my family love my hair in this photo: 
Problem being a) I am 19 with good hair not ruined by pregnancy hormones and b) I can't remember what Nice and Easy or L'oreal dye I used or what cut I had! 
So currently I resemble this:

A golden root and purple ends! Roll on Wed when my sister comes to save the day!

30 Things for my 30th - ✔️no.21 complete!

Well at the beginning of the month I crossed off #21 on my 30 list... I got my nose pierced!  It looks so much better now with a smaller stud but this is the day it got done: 


Well I am back on the Dukan path to weight loss again.
I have tried other diets in the last year and have not been successful and reflecting back on my blog it appears that The Dukan was the one for me - at least for a kickstart. 
So I start my journey again and to allow me to do so properly - I want to confess that according to my scales this am, I am currently 19st 2lb and a dress size 20/22 (some times a 18 on top but let's go for the bigger option to be realistic!) 
By next month (17/03/14) I would like to be at least 7lb lighter and comfortable in my size 20 jeans - which have become snug around the waist band because I tumbled them and not because of my weight - prewashing they fitted with gap... They are still loose everywhere else - Go figure!
It is still my intention to go running but all this torrential rain has put paid to that plan atm but I have been doing yoga stretches at home so that is at least something. Once I get this weekend out of the way I am going to start yoga …