Redukaning day 3

Well I am not going to lie the last two days have been stressful and probably not the best of times to have started back on the Dukan, as my work life has seen me based at a hospital. 

But I have strived to stay to the Dukan for the best part and this morning did notice a 2lb difference. This was with a packet of crisp and a nut bar thrown in as a way to strive off a hunger induced headache - not the best but all the vending machine had to offer and I made sure they were small and low calorie. 

I have chosen to cut out diet coke, this time around as I have read quite a lot on the effects of aspartame on ME/CFS and the body as a whole so I am drinking flavoured water and black coffee (occasionally with a dash of milk) next week once I have done the big shops I will add in green tea.

I have actually enjoyed my breakfast of ham and egg in ways it is more satisfying than marmite on toast or crumpet - I won't pretend that I don't miss it, a fellow twitter user was tweeting about marmite on toast on Monday and I was seriously craving it following her tweets! But I was good! 

The last two days could have been better but hey ho I have another 8 days to go on the attack so I will focus properly as I am not back at the hospital until the end of the week and as it is a night shift I will make sure that I have eaten properly during the day and before I go to bed in at am. 

LOSS - 2lb! 


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