Well I am back on the Dukan path to weight loss again.

I have tried other diets in the last year and have not been successful and reflecting back on my blog it appears that The Dukan was the one for me - at least for a kickstart. 

So I start my journey again and to allow me to do so properly - I want to confess that according to my scales this am, I am currently 19st 2lb and a dress size 20/22 (some times a 18 on top but let's go for the bigger option to be realistic!) 

By next month (17/03/14) I would like to be at least 7lb lighter and comfortable in my size 20 jeans - which have become snug around the waist band because I tumbled them and not because of my weight - prewashing they fitted with gap... They are still loose everywhere else -
Go figure!

It is still my intention to go running but all this torrential rain has put paid to that plan atm but I have been doing yoga stretches at home so that is at least something. Once I get this weekend out of the way I am going to start yoga class on a Sunday, I need it physically and mentally and this means I can tick something else off of my 30 for 30 list, as I will be reconnecting with my old self. 

Well dear readers I shall love you and leave you until next time. That's if there are any readers out there (?) I would love to know if you enjoy my waffle - I will still waffle regardless but it's nice to know that I am not always talking to myself! 

M x


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