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A year on... A fresh approach...

This time last year I started the Dukan with the intention of being whole new person by this moment, and in someways it has happened, just not as full as I expected.

You see the problem has been that I forgot that I have to take my time due to the ME and neglected to factor in that I now have a child (at the time a baby - now a energetic toddler) and a full time job - all of which are exhausting on their own!

I have come to finally recognise there are days when I feel low and all I want to do is comfort eat and when I'm feeling drained I graze at foods as it takes effort to plan what to eat, let alone preparing it and the actually eating, so knowing I'll feel a lot worse if I don't eat something I grab the simplest thing - which is usually toast or ritz crackers.

This realisation is progress though, I now know why I eat the way I do and I can change my approach. Also, knowing that in the early part of last year (whilst I was still on maternity leave) I managed to lose a…