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Off the wagon with a bump...

Life has been a bit crazy and well I fell off the wagon - both with my diet and with blogging.

As a result I have put on half a stone (if not more - I am afraid to step on the scales for fear of them saying something horrendous). But with Christmas only 23 days away, I am refocusing my efforts and having half heartedly followed it for the last week I have lost a two pound.

So come tomorrow I will begin the Dukan with the attack phase again - 7 days PP and then PV. No excuses!

Additionally, my Dr is sending me to have blood tests for a diabetes and thyroid check and I am hoping that I'll get some answers and help with my weight loss.

Time to crack on - I have until May as I don't want to be the fat relative in my cousin's wedding photos and would like a nice family picture with D and mouse.