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Slowly but surely...

The weight is dropping off, my weight loss has now steadied to about 1lb a week, which is a healthy loss and will hopefully mean that what is lost will stay off.

That's not to say that I am not a little bit disappointed in myself, as it is L's 1st Birthday in three weeks and I have been hoping that I would be able to
fit into the dress I blogged about back in January but sadly it is still too tight!

I have to confess for the last week I have been naughty - I have Dukan'd for breakfast and dinner, but for lunch I have had a chicken, bacon and lettuce sandwich, as I eat with the children at work and I am trying to encourage one of them to eat sandwiches, so we have had a challenge - I eat half my bread and they eat half of theirs.

This probably hasn't helped as I am craving carbs now, but I will try and smash it next week by taking salads and having five days PV/two days PP.

So maybe I won't get in the dress but I will hopefully fit my denim shorts & the weathe…

Plateau broken... Now for exercise!

Well yesterday I broke the plateau - the green tea/PP day definitely worked!

I called D to double check as I wasn't convinced that I was seeing it correctly!

So now onto the next step - exercise!! I've got to find something that I can fit into the few hours I have during evenings or of a weekend.

So it looks like I wil be stealing the Wii back from my mum, if I can fit in half an hour on there every evening plus 6 lots of 25 reps of sit ups then hopefully I can keep this loss going even if it has slowed to a pace of about 1lb a week.

I am looking at this slower rate of weight loss as a good thing, as it is said that the steadier and slower you lose it the better chance you have of keeping it off. If I lose more so be it!

It'll be interesting to see what difference the sit ups/Wii will make to inch loss in the next two weeks... Wish me luck and any suggestions would be welcome please (I don't do running just yet but I am considering this as a challenge so any advice…

Stagnation... Digression... New Foods!!

Well after hitting the two stone mark - my weight has stagnated & with my will power abandoning me over Easter I have hovered around 17st 4lb-2lb (on the odd day hitting 6lb!) I haven't permenantly gained anything despite my wobbles.

Having looked into it further I have discovered two tips which might help me to break this period of stillness, firstly what is known as White Protein Day - which is exactly as it sounds - a day of purely high quality white protein avoiding all tolerated items, a strict variation of the PP day to increase weight loss through burning stored fat to convert the protein to energy.

The second tip is to increase the amount of Green Tea drunk. With Dukan himself recommending that for one day you replace all the water you drink with Green Tea - be it hot/cold/iced or in sorbet... Including the glass of water you sip from overnight - and given that it is a very good diuretic I will be awake at night!

So with this all in mind I am going to give both a go…