Plateau broken... Now for exercise!

Well yesterday I broke the plateau - the green tea/PP day definitely worked!

I called D to double check as I wasn't convinced that I was seeing it correctly!

So now onto the next step - exercise!! I've got to find something that I can fit into the few hours I have during evenings or of a weekend.

So it looks like I wil be stealing the Wii back from my mum, if I can fit in half an hour on there every evening plus 6 lots of 25 reps of sit ups then hopefully I can keep this loss going even if it has slowed to a pace of about 1lb a week.

I am looking at this slower rate of weight loss as a good thing, as it is said that the steadier and slower you lose it the better chance you have of keeping it off. If I lose more so be it!

It'll be interesting to see what difference the sit ups/Wii will make to inch loss in the next two weeks... Wish me luck and any suggestions would be welcome please (I don't do running just yet but I am considering this as a challenge so any advice or volunteers to accompany me on the first few ventures would also be welcome).

M x


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