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A stone lighter... Onwards and downwards!

I finally shifted the pesky pound which has thwarted me all week.

So it is onto the next stone, this time I am allowing myself 50 days to lose it in, which equates to 2lb a week.

According to Dr Dukan, this is a reasonable target given the amount of weight I have left to lose. (I promise after the next stone is gone I will reveal all - that's if you want to know?)

As I get closer I will lower my weekly target to 1lb, as I full expect it to take longer to shift the lighter I get and I am ok with this. As I hope it will give me chance to firm up, something which is much needed! Especially my tummy.

Sorry to keep it short and sweet but I must now go get little man's breakfast ready, but had to share my joy whilst he was occupied with Daddy.

Clothing Challenge #1 - Update

Well people it maybe a little longer until I fit into the dress, as despite losing just shy of a stone (two more pounds to go), the dress is still too small!

However, at least it now actually goes over my chest (there was massive gapping zip and there was a slight concern that D would have to rescue me from getting stuck!) but I am on my way there, if not by end of Feb then March...

I don't mind moving the goal post, I think a month was probably a bit ambitious, as I should realise by now that my weight and dress size dot always tally up and seeing as I also tried on two pairs of tailored trousers which having been too small pre-pregnancy, now do up! (Snug, yes but there was no laying on the bed and breathing in deeply) I am beginning to see an improvement in my clothes fitting.

I can't wait to be comfortable in jeans again, I miss wearing them, every pair of maternity ones now have to be constantly pulled up or cinched with a belt, so I am living in my slinky jersey black tr…

Two weeks in...

Well it's been two weeks since I started the Dukan Diet and so far I've lost 11lb!

The last week has seen my weight drop by another 1lb and rise again - stagnating at a 11lb loss.

I've been good - I had one little slip up involving a crumpet, it was out of hunger at the end of my second KIT day at work, this was also a PV day and for some reason I have felt less satisfied on these days, no matter that I eat the same amount of protein just with added veg. What I've found interesting is that I didn't enjoy the taste and rather than sate my hunger it had the opposite effect.

But surely this slip up couldn't be the reason why I hadn't lost anything for five days, especially as additionally I felt bloated and exhausted. I had put these down to the change in routine, which with along with other things meant not drinking a lot during the day, that is until I checked my calendar, did a little research and found another reason why... that time of the month was d…

Day 9 - 11lb gone!

Well got on the scales today and I am yet again a pound lighter than yesterday and I feel great...

Word of advise for anyone thinking of doing the diet - don't forget to eat lunch!
I did yesterday, as I was so busy what with taking Mousey to the doctors, having friends call round and a loft insulation inspection and by the end of the day I was really craving something quick and carb filled... But I resisted and had salmon and cottage cheese - it might sound a bit bland but I have discovered all different ways to jazz the foods up without the need for sauces - although Dukan does have some lovely recipes I've yet to try out... When I do I will share some.

This weekend when Mousey is away at his grandparents I may enlist D to help trial some - he's the chef in this house as I can be a culinary disaster when its not basic, but practice makes perfect and now I'm a mummy, my famous
Jacket Potato & Diet Coke à la a Rachel from Friends wont quite cut it nutrition wise!…

What is The Dukan Plan?

I have been asked by many people to explain what The Dukan Diet is all about - isn't it like Atkins because you can't have carbs? The answer is no!

Unlike the Dukan Diet, Atkins not only allows, but even encourages dieters to eat as much fat as they want. The Dukan Diet does not include the option to eat as much fat as you like, in fact you are discouraged from eating any fat at all if possible.

So here is a little information...

What is the Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet originated in France when Dr. Pierre Dukan tried his friend, who was a meat eater, on a high protein diet to lose weight. This diet was so successful for his friend that he fine tuned it, making it the diet we now know as the Dukan Diet.

Particularly in the beginning this is a high protein diet with an emphasis placed on pure protein days, not just throughout the diet, but after the consolidation stage once a week for life!

How Does the Dukan diet work?

The great thing about the Dukan diet is that it is not a …

Little update... I was right!

Just to share that I was right the scales at my local Boots need recalibrating because they are out by 2lb and 3 inches... I've worked hard for those 2lb, thank you very much and am proud to say I am 5ft 4 not 5ft 1!!
... So the grand total so far is 8lb so just over half a stone!

Are the scales to be believed?

Well I went and weighed myself today and found that I've lost 6lb - but the scales I used in Boots decided that I had shrunk by 3 inches despite me wearing my Primarni Uggs with a thick sole!
So the question is have I actually lost 6lb or could it be more? Given that when I got on the scales to at Mum's earlier on in the week I was at about a 6lb loss then.
I am now confused greatly, perhaps the loss was at the beginning of the week. Well I plan to steal a set of Mum's scales so that I can weigh myself at home! So watch this space...

Clothing Challenge #1

I've decided to set myself a goal each month to get into/feel comfortable in a different item of clothing...

First up is this dress it's a size 18, I bought off eBay just before Christmas thinking it would fit - I have coveted it since my days of working at New Look when I brought it in a 16 (I was a 14) because it came up small, I promptly took it back, as D laughed and said it wasn't really my style - too girly...

As my style lent more to rock/surfy minimal effort for maximum impact, he was right but I still loved it - I just figure the 'Rock Chick' in me can wear it with leggings and boots when she finally breaks free...

The problem being I forgot it came up small across the bust - so whilst it would have fitted and cover my horrid stomach it just wouldn't go over what Gok would call my 'Bangers'

So the challenge is to see if with the help of Dr Dukan I can get into this by the beginning of February!

If it takes a little longer so be it... Becaus…

Three days in...

Today starts Day 3 of the Dukan diet, and so far so good.

I'd weighed myself two weeks before Christmas at the Drs surgery, so I had a rough idea of what my weight was.

There are no scales in our house - so when visiting Mum with Mousey I usually jump on hers.

However, this usually finds me dragging the scales around the house to find an average - much to the amusement of my Dad & Mousey as the floors are uneven!

The conclusion from yesterday's mission - 3 days in & I am 3lb lighter than my weight a fortnight ago!!!

So onwards I go... When I lose a stone I may even be tempted to admit my weight... Maybe...

New Year is here... Let the new eating plan commence!

Since having my little man I have been the heaviest/biggest I have ever been - a size 20/22 bottom half and a size 18 top! (for now I shall keep my weight to myself if you don't mind (it's embarrassingly heavy)...

Other than the last weeks of my pregnancy when I was so bloated I resembled a helium balloon I have never been so uncomfortable in my life! The consolation is that at least my hands and feet are normal again!

I've spent the last 7 months focusing on my little man, grabbing food on the go and on reflection not eating regularly and then eating/drinking the wrong things (Carbs in the form of pasta, bread and rice! Diet Coke and Coffee) when I get the chance has not helped my weight issues.

My weight problems were pre-existent to pregnancy and made my journey more difficult - high blood pressure due to this and the bloating/swelling led to constant monitoring for pre-eclampsia and having to take mat leave earlier than I would have wanted.

Our little man arrived s…