Clothing Challenge #1 - Update

Well people it maybe a little longer until I fit into the dress, as despite losing just shy of a stone (two more pounds to go), the dress is still too small!

However, at least it now actually goes over my chest (there was massive gapping zip and there was a slight concern that D would have to rescue me from getting stuck!) but I am on my way there, if not by end of Feb then March...

I don't mind moving the goal post, I think a month was probably a bit ambitious, as I should realise by now that my weight and dress size dot always tally up and seeing as I also tried on two pairs of tailored trousers which having been too small pre-pregnancy, now do up! (Snug, yes but there was no laying on the bed and breathing in deeply) I am beginning to see an improvement in my clothes fitting.

I can't wait to be comfortable in jeans again, I miss wearing them, every pair of maternity ones now have to be constantly pulled up or cinched with a belt, so I am living in my slinky jersey black trousers, which are comfortable and semi smart, yet boring having been lived in for the best part of a year.

...So my first full pay check next month will hopefully bring with it a new pair of jeans! Maybe even a new top and new boots as well... Whatever I buy I promise a picture of the lovely items (probably not with me in them though as I'm not ready for my close up yet! 😉


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