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The last few weeks have been a little bit manic at work, internal and external factors have led to me being all over the place and I haven't had time to stop and think let alone write... 
HOWEVER! I have managed to pass my driving test - whoop! Granted I am just waiting on my Dad finding the right car, it has to be an automatic with a small engine and according to L it NEEDS to be purple, as that's Mummy's favourite - I think I have managed to convince him that the colour doesn't matter as long as we can get to the zoo... Having said that I saw the car I have wanted for years the other day - a vintage Beetle and it was purple and sparkly! Shame that a) It was a manual, b) it wasn't for sale and c) I could never have afforded it at the moment! But as I whispered to it when passing - one day my friend, one day, especially as L spotted it too and got extra excited - 'Look Mummy, your car!' my boy knows his Mummy well!  
Since passing last week, I am yet to get b…

The benefits of a protein packed breakfast

I wrote last week about my new favourite breakfast, and I have since read that there has been a recent study that has revealed that by eating a large protein packed meal at breakfast you can have a positive effect on your metabolism.

There is an old adage that you should breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dine like a pauper. This new study recommends you do just that - as by starting your day with a protein based meal your blood-sugar balance becomes more stable (explains my lack of headaches!!), prevents a surge in insulin which promotes fat storage and can also prevent bloating later in the day = the appearance of a flatter stomach (and who doesn't like that idea!)
As our metabolisms peak at around mid day there is some sense in the idea that by eating your biggest meal then, you are making the most of of it and in theory you will burn more calories then you have consumed. Well, if you have a normal metabolism! Mine has been well and truly thrown out for almost six y…

Hello weightloss and goodbye Diet Coke

Three weeks ago I took on the challenge of no. 4 on my list... I tried to start looking after myself by restarting the Dukan diet, but to be honest this time around I have found it a struggle to give up fruit and vegetables, so as I have heard so many good things from other bloggers and twitter users such as @tiasmum12 about Slimming World that I have decided revisit it and see if this time around it would work for me. Almost four weeks in and whilst I haven't stuck to it 100%, I have still lost 4lb! Meeting one of myself imposed targets of 2% 
I never realised before how much cheese I consumed daily. I always said it was a sweet tooth and love of bread that was my downfall, when in reality it appears to be my love of combining cheese, meat and sauces. Oh the amount of syns I have discovered I use to eat! 
But with SW if I am clever and use my healthy extras and syns wisely then nothing is really forbidden and I am truly enjoying it. 
In fact I have found a new breakfast for after a …

Suffocating Resus Annie...

Yes, you read that title correctly, today to the amusement of myself and my colleagues I almost suffocated Resus Annie with my boobs!

It has made me more determined to stick to my new Slimming World diet and wear a sports bra to next years mandatory training update!

It's been a week and a half but so far I have lost 3lb... and in all honesty I feel that if I stuck to it 100% it would have been more. So as of next week when I join group I hope that the initial weight loss will be a bit more and I am determined that this time I will do it!

Next year, I will not be feeling uncomfortable at training and will be able to position myself where the boobs don't get in the way or stage the risk of giving me black eyes!!
Obviously, in a real BLS situation I would not be concerning myself with this and I would get on with performing resus to the best of my abilities but if I can make this easier on myself and ensure that I can carry out the rescue breathes and chest compressions correctly and…

Working through my 30 for 30th list...

Well over the past couple of weeks I have been working through and adding to my list.

I have tried to start looking after myself by restarting the Dukan diet, but to be honest this time around I have found it a struggle to give up fruit and vegetables, so as I have heard so many good things from other bloggers and twitter users such as @tiasmum12 about Slimming World that I am going to give it a go.

So whilst no. 4 is still waiting in the stalls, I have begun on some of my other 30 for 30th goals.

Today I took time out to treat myself and start No. 23 - having a beauty treatment a month, this is an extension of no. 3 and linked to no. 22 as the lovely Paige and Elenor at Ultraviolet salon in Clacton donated their time and fees today to support fundraising for local families who's homes and lives have been devastated by a gas explosion. L and I had gone along to show our support as my Mum and sister have been heavily involved in helping, and I jumped at the chance to take advantage…