Suffocating Resus Annie...

Yes, you read that title correctly, today to the amusement of myself and my colleagues I almost suffocated Resus Annie with my boobs!

It has made me more determined to stick to my new Slimming World diet and wear a sports bra to next years mandatory training update!

It's been a week and a half but so far I have lost 3lb... and in all honesty I feel that if I stuck to it 100% it would have been more. So as of next week when I join group I hope that the initial weight loss will be a bit more and I am determined that this time I will do it!

Next year, I will not be feeling uncomfortable at training and will be able to position myself where the boobs don't get in the way or stage the risk of giving me black eyes!!
Obviously, in a real BLS situation I would not be concerning myself with this and I would get on with performing resus to the best of my abilities but if I can make this easier on myself and ensure that I can carry out the rescue breathes and chest compressions correctly and for longer simply by losing weight then I am determined to do this, as not only will it make all the difference to my own health it could make a potentially difference in someone else's too.

Which brings me to the question - would you know what to do when faced with a cardiac or respiratory arrest or incident of choking ?

Resuscitation Council has guidelines, which cover Basic Life Support and Choking in both adults and children and they also have links to courses you can attend or you can contact your local Banardos Children's Centre as some offer free First Aid which covers BLS (CPR), choking and allergic reactions/anaphylaxis. 

I personally feel that it is imperative to learn these no matter your profession, as quick intervention can save lives and at the very least you can walk away knowing you did everything in your power to help that person. I'd be interested to know others views?!?


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