Hello weightloss and goodbye Diet Coke

Three weeks ago I took on the challenge of no. 4 on my list... 

I tried to start looking after myself by restarting the Dukan diet, but to be honest this time around I have found it a struggle to give up fruit and vegetables, so as I have heard so many good things from other bloggers and twitter users such as @tiasmum12 about Slimming World that I have decided revisit it and see if this time around it would work for me. 

Almost four weeks in and whilst I haven't stuck to it 100%, I have still lost 4lb! Meeting one of myself imposed targets of 2% 

I never realised before how much cheese I consumed daily. I always said it was a sweet tooth and love of bread that was my downfall, when in reality it appears to be my love of combining cheese, meat and sauces. Oh the amount of syns I have discovered I use to eat! 

But with SW if I am clever and use my healthy extras and syns wisely then nothing is really forbidden and I am truly enjoying it. 

In fact I have found a new breakfast for after a night shift... 

2 x Whole meal bread toasted (400g)
Scrambled egg (I don't use milk or butter),
Soft cheese (Asda have a lovely 50% fat free chilli one) on the toast, 
topped off with Nandos Garlic Peri Peri. 

This seems to curb my cravings and along with a Mullerlight and banana keeps me full whilst I sleep, so I don't wake up later that day with a headache from hunger, grabbing the nearest thing (usually a biscuit) with my coffee and painkillers. 

If I keep at 2lb per week, by May next year, I should be at my overall target. 

However, I am taking it in baby steps, to prevent me from becoming overwhelmed or complacent because of the amount I have to lose and the inevitable week of no loss which will happen

My new outlook to over come this is that every 0.5lb brings me closer to being healthier, so I have set myself targets of 2% (4lb) *reached today \5% (9lb) \10% (1st 9lb) as a start.

The other change I have made, is that I no longer drink diet coke. I gave it up for Lent, which I haven't found difficult and I have no regrets. 

There was a time that I would easily consume about 1-2L a day. Perhaps more if I was having an 'M.E. Day' when I relied on it to pep me up. 
Not even a lecture when at university on the potential damage it did to the liver stopped me (in fact, I remember reasoning in my head, that as I already took Milk Thistle supplements to prevent hangovers and help my liver to detox from any alcohol I might drink at the weekend, then surely this would do the same for the diet coke damage).

So what changed? Well whilst there is a lot of rumours floating about regarding the damage aspartame can have on the body, it wasn't these that worried me, but the fact that during pregnancy I was diagnosed with an ectopic heartbeat. Albeit innocent, the amount of caffeine I was consuming between drinking diet coke and coffee was not helping the palpitations I get when I am very tired and running on empty energy wise. I can sit resting and feel the blood coursing through my veins and count every beat in chest - so I would be silly not to cut it out and also reduce my coffee intake. 

I just need to find a new mixer for when occasionally indulge in my love of spiced rum, Southern Comfort and Amaretto... Any suggestions? 


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