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What a week!!

Well this week has been a hectic one in our house.

With OH off work due to his back accumulating in a trip to out of hours Dr first thing (6am!) yesterday morning and another visit today to A&E and a busy but productive week at work.

I simply haven't had time to try any recipes from my Dukan book this week, although I have ear marked a couple for next week including trying the galettes, a chocolate oat bran muffins (woo hoo!), Dukan mayo and Dukan bread!

I have discovered a lovely fajita paste that is really nice on chicken and combined with cottage cheese it is so yummy! I had it for dinner tonight and could have eaten it all over again - the only problem being I wanted something sweet after - so I've been naughty and had a glass of weak hi-juice squash which did the trick.

So you are probably wondering how I've done... Well some how since yesterday I lost 5lb overnight (I've triple checked and it is accurate) so I am 2lb away from having lost two stone since …

Ups & Downs...

Well the last week or so has been a busy one, with work and D at home having been off sick, it's not really been a diet friendly week.

Plus, I have grown bored with what I have been eating - I have got stuck in a rut with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So next week I resolve to work through my copy of The Dukan Diet Recipe book and find more interesting and yummy things to eat... And I shall blog my attempts at being a culinary diet goddess here next week...

So watch this space for the chaos that is likely to occur! That's if D let's me in the kitchen!!

But I have lost a pound - even with the chocolate and strawberry laces stolen of D!...

Out of the mouths of babes...

They say 'Out of the mouths of babes, no truer word is spoken'... Well the scales and I disagree with this!

Today, at lunch some of the class and I were having a discussion about how I have a baby at home who stays with his Nana during the day (a hot topic as I've just returned from Mat Leave), when one of the children asked me if I was having another baby because my tummy looked like it was growing!! I laughed and said no and that my tummy was still trying to go smaller,- so I resolve to try harder!

Although... I'm pleased to announce I have lost another 6lb!

At this rate the children will hopefully see a healthy "Miss 'Chelle" very soon as the next step is to add some exercise - starting with increasing my walking (pedometer has been ordered to see how little I do each day and then I'll set some targets)... Well I have an example to set to the children now and to L when he's older.

I will also admit to eating about 7 Malteasers but I did feel…

Plateaus & Transgressions

Well the title says it all, since last Friday my weight has been at a plateau and I will openly admit I have eaten pizza and a couple of biscuits this week.

But I wonder if this plateau could be down to the fact that since I have returned to work full time, I have not
been able to drink as much water., as I have had a couple of PP days and still no weightloss!

According to the book a plateau is to be expected after a significant loss and that it can also happen if enough water is not being drunk and if oat bran has been missed out, all of which has happened this week! So next week I intend to do a full week of PP (if finances and work allows), eating oat bran allowance and drinking as much water as possible throughout the day - even if it means having to keep getting up in the night (well I'm up with little man anyway!)

Wish me luck! Hopefully, next time we meet I'll be half a stone lighter!