Out of the mouths of babes...

They say 'Out of the mouths of babes, no truer word is spoken'... Well the scales and I disagree with this!

Today, at lunch some of the class and I were having a discussion about how I have a baby at home who stays with his Nana during the day (a hot topic as I've just returned from Mat Leave), when one of the children asked me if I was having another baby because my tummy looked like it was growing!! I laughed and said no and that my tummy was still trying to go smaller,- so I resolve to try harder!

Although... I'm pleased to announce I have lost another 6lb!

At this rate the children will hopefully see a healthy "Miss 'Chelle" very soon as the next step is to add some exercise - starting with increasing my walking (pedometer has been ordered to see how little I do each day and then I'll set some targets)... Well I have an example to set to the children now and to L when he's older.

I will also admit to eating about 7 Malteasers but I did feel strangely sick in the back of my throat afterwards... And I should also say that this weekend I have my belated Christmas meal at work, but I aim to stick as closely to the diet as possible for the starter and main course and skip the dessert!!!

So next week's loss may only be a pound but I will be pleased to be fully under the next stone and on way to new target if only by 3lbs difference.

Any suggestions on exercise I can try on the brief amount of time L sleeps in his own cot are welcome (the Wii will be returning home soon - it's been vacationing at my Mum's)... Or any other comments on what would make this blog more interesting?? I feel like I maybe boring people now!

M x


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