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You are feeling sleepy...

If I announced to you at was going to see a Hypnotherapist, what would be your first reaction? Given that 'Back in the room' was recently on ITV, I hazard a guess that you instantly thought of chickens, clucking and all that Victorian stage show fun and nonsense? Right? Well, that's not quite the type of hypnotherapist who I am seeing. I have no aversion to poultry, but I don't fancy behaving as one. Instead, after out of the blue message from a old friend, I jumped at the chance to see this lady to help me gain some perspective, balance and hopefully make some positive changes in my life to help my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Feel free to leave now if you feel this is a bit too airy fairy and hippy like for you... However for me, even after only an initial session, it has felt like a reconnection to a past self. One who was happier, lighter (on all levels), almost complete. When I arrived I was greeted warmly, made to feel instantly welcome. We discussed…

Reflections and thank yous

On what is my last night shift as a Principle Health Care Support Worker, I am sat at 4am in the (finally) quiet stillness reflecting on the past (almost) seven years. 
Over the years I have had the opportunity to watch and care for some amazing little people. I've been welcomed into some of the most loving and devoted families, that you could ever wish for. 
I've had the opportunity to share first with many of them, all the things we take for granted - from first steps, to nursery/school. I still get a rush of emotions, when I remember the first child learning to say my name - the pride on their little face as they said it as loud as they could, having practised so hard with their siblings to surprise me and the pure happiness on their siblings faces knowing they'd helped.
I have had the opportunity to learn and work with the best and I have had my eyes opened to the complexities of life with a sick child. 
It is obsurd now to think how much I would worry when I was in retail…