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If I announced to you at was going to see a Hypnotherapist, what would be your first reaction? Given that 'Back in the room' was recently on ITV, I hazard a guess that you instantly thought of chickens, clucking and all that Victorian stage show fun and nonsense? Right?

Well, that's not quite the type of hypnotherapist who I am seeing. I have no aversion to poultry, but I don't fancy behaving as one. Instead, after out of the blue message from a old friend, I jumped at the chance to see this lady to help me gain some perspective, balance and hopefully make some positive changes in my life to help my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Feel free to leave now if you feel this is a bit too airy fairy and hippy like for you... However for me, even after only an initial session, it has felt like a reconnection to a past self. One who was happier, lighter (on all levels), almost complete.

When I arrived I was greeted warmly, made to feel instantly welcome. We discussed the consultation form I had completed prior to the session, my initial hopes and wishes for the session, my understanding of what hypnotherapy could provide (again no chickens mentioned).

I then took a very short four question personality test - one I remember doing back when I myself trained in Bach Flower Remedies. It was interesting to see what results it yielded, and how time hasn't changed the outcome much - despite changing for me.

As I sit here reflecting back on the session, I am beginning to wonder if, that deep down, I haven't actually lost that more relaxed, more confident, happier person I once was, she's just perhaps a little waylaid by the events life has thrown at her.

There has been a turbulence, both to work and home life over the last few years, which has meant that at points I have been truly unhappy, something really, that I think only my family have borne witness too and the brunt off (I am sorry! I love you and thank you!) There have been moments when Logan has been the one bright point. He has been the spark that I have needed when days have become unbearable and all I have wanted is to curl up and succumb to the physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. Which has been exhurberated by my M.E. The combination of which made me into someone in my personal life, whom I didn't like.

But I feel better already; four weeks ago, with tendering my resignation to change career paths, I took the initial steps, but my first session, felt like a true move forward.

I left the session feeling, so relaxed, so happy that walking to my car I was smiling, and actually giggled aloud to myself (a wtf moment there!) and for the past few days many things that would normally affect me have had little to no reaction. Having said all this today and yesterday, I have felt myself getting more stressed/irritable again (but has only been one session).

I will be going back as even if it is just for that feeling of tranquilness then I have benefited.

Also, I do feel I'd like to explore what hypnotherapy can do for me. I have heard that it can help with motivation to commit to healthier lifestyles and I am looking forward to being a guinea pig for this and other sessions - on which I will report back in due course!

Until then... Cluck cluck ... I mean Namaste!


If you would like the contact details of my hypnotherapist then you can leave a message below, contact me via Facebook or email.

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