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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, back on Plan I go...

It's been a few months - life's been hectic travelling to the wilds of East London (or South Essex depending on who you talk to) for work and to be honest I haven't had the energy or inclination to write. 
But it hasn't been all doom, gloom and traffic jams! As for the last two months, my work life has (temporarily) had a pattern to it as my secondment slowly came to an end (this will soon change - life will be busy again but that is how I like it!). So I seized the moment and joined Slimming World properly. 
As those have read my previous post will know, since my initial success and then plateau on the Dukan, three years ago(!), I have struggled to find the focus and found that the Dukan whilst good was not a long term fit - whilst I still only eat low fat dairy and proteins but I love carbs and am a picker!
So I put back on the weight I had originally lost (but not anything extra - I'm learning it's about the small wins!) and having tried weight watchers and ha…