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Wish lists... Week 1

Inspired by Kara over at Innocent Charms Chats weekly posts of an item she covets, be it big/small. I have decided to do similar.

A few items on my 30 things for my 30th list are aimed at giving myself a style overhaul & a kick up the bum, as I have become lazy with how I dress/style myself due to lack of time and finances. 
So really this list is a) to show myself what I have been missing and b) a nice little hint to D about things I like, as let's just say that he prefers to play it safe and take me shopping... However, I would quite like the occasional surprise! 
So here is my pick for Week 1:

A beautiful laser cut purse from New Look which has a matching bag and would go wonderfully with these shoes I got from eBay for a bargain! 


Well I am now officially signed up to bloglovin - this could either be a good thing or a horrendous idea, only time will tell! 
If you wish to follow my blog over there I would appreciate the love and some feedback on if anyone actually enjoys my ramblings (I write for me but I am not going to deny that knowing others have read my thoughts does bring a smile to my face and makes me feel a better on a bad day). 
You can follow the widget to find me there and if anyone has suggestions for blogs to read please give me a shout - I am always looking for something to read on my commute/downtime on a long night shift!