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Making good what I've got...

For many years now the mirror has not been my friend from the chest down.

I physically feel ill when I catch I glimpse of my naked body in the bathroom mirror and this has become particularly worse since having L.

My body between my hips and my thighs has always repulsed me as my stomach has always overhung - I'm not talking a small pouch of fat, but a serious droop, something the medical community endearingly calls 'A Mother's Apron'. I hate it!

I've dieted before and tried to reduce it - it's worked a bit but I have no real stomach muscle tone to help - less do since L!

I have had a problem with weight since I had kidney failure as a small child and no amount of healthy eating (we were never brought up to eat anything but good nutritious home cooked food) has helped and since my teens weight has always accumulated on my lower stomach. Weight will fall off everywhere but the stomach remains and with my C-Section scar now acting as a ledge, I am beginning t…

New recipe source!

Whilst there is no loss in pounds to report this week - stabilisation I am taking as a good thing! I have noticed that I have lost half an inch from most areas - chest-waist-hip,arms & thighs.

My calves remain the same but hopefully in time the calf length pirate boots I covert will fit & I'll be able to indulge myself by buying them!

Next week I plan to have three days pure protein as I am not in my regular work environment for two days, so it'll be easier to stick to it & to drink the required two litres of water which I have been struggling to do!

With this in mind I have been looking for some new ways to make meals more interesting & have found a wonderful website/blog called which breaks down recipes into the phases - and I must say I am quite excited by a few
of the recipes, including the sweet ones as that seems to be my downfall at the moment - following Dinner I always want something sweet & diet coke just isn't satisfying th…

Dukan - What is allowed on a typical day?

At the beginning of the week I had a lovely moment where I looked in the mirror and actually noticed the weight loss.

This has made me more determined to knuckle down and carry on, I just need to make my meals more adventurous as until now my meals have been a bit too similar and it has become boring, I've also lost track of which are PP or PV days!

So I was pleasantly pleased to find that the Dukan recipes app on my phone has been updated to include allowed/tolerated list which means that I can easily refresh my memory as to what veg/proteins are allowed when I am out shopping/eating out.

I have been discussing this diet with my mum & my dear friend Jo who are both thinking of giving it ago, but whom are yet to pick up copies of the book, so I figured I'd include at the end this week's blog the lists as well as a typical PP and PV day, for them but also for anyone who might be interested.

So until next time take care, and please feel free to leave comments.

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