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I wish you a Merry Christmas...

The past eight months has seen new challenges and brought with it new qualifications. As with all career changes there are ups and downs. 
However, the positive affects that it has had on my personal life makes up for all the drama and I am applying the principle that yes the deadlines and hoops that need to be jumped through are very important but at the end of the day, a life isn't on the line and I will meet them, I just won't allow myself to get too stressed over it (I can't rule out stressing a bit - it's the perfectionist part of me!) 
However in L's eyes I have changed - I am a 'happy Mummy' now, a Mummy who has time for adventures. 
One who can be completely in the moment with him; one who has been there for his first week of school, can drop him off each day, pick him up from school at least once a week, can throw him Halloween parties, take him adventure playgrounds, attend birthday parties, help on his first school trip - we went to the panto!, atte…