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Slimming World, Instagram and my Lent driven green tea addiction...

It's been six weeks since I last posted anything really - as life has taken over! But today I wanted to share what I have been up to with Slimming World.

It has been ups and downs - I had my lovely big loss following my SP week and then gained and then lost and then maintained... can you see a pattern!

I can't lie, I am gutted with how the past few weeks have been, especially as I am still chasing my first stone award, with so many more to go! But I probably haven't been 100%, I haven't had my head in the right place but I haven't binged on high calorie food either, which has shown in the yo-yoing, I am sure it would have been a lot worse had I not been 80% on plan! 

Then in the last week or so, my motivation returned. In recent weeks I discovered some lovely SW Instagrammers who have been really inspirational (links below) and then with Lent I decided that for 40 days, I would give up both bread and coffee. My decision was made by the fact that these were two of th…