Slimming World, Instagram and my Lent driven green tea addiction...

It's been six weeks since I last posted anything really - as life has taken over! But today I wanted to share what I have been up to with Slimming World.

It has been ups and downs - I had my lovely big loss following my SP week and then gained and then lost and then maintained... can you see a pattern!

I can't lie, I am gutted with how the past few weeks have been, especially as I am still chasing my first stone award, with so many more to go! But I probably haven't been 100%, I haven't had my head in the right place but I haven't binged on high calorie food either, which has shown in the yo-yoing, I am sure it would have been a lot worse had I not been 80% on plan! 

Then in the last week or so, my motivation returned. In recent weeks I discovered some lovely SW Instagrammers who have been really inspirational (links below) and then with Lent I decided that for 40 days, I would give up both bread and coffee. My decision was made by the fact that these were two of the main things regularly appearing in my SW food diary and I felt that it would help break a habit. 

So for the last week, it has been bye bye morning starts of bread and coffee and hello green tea. 
I am not normally a green tea fan - but thanks to spanjee_sw on Instagram, I am in love with the Twinings flavoured range - with Cherry Bakewell being my favourite, closely followed by the Salted Caramel (which tastes and smells like Werthers Originals!) - with a touch of sweetener, they taste like the real thing.

So my sweet tooth is satisfied and my body is loving it!

My clothes now feel looser, the skater dresses I wear are baggy around the waist, my work uniform had been feeling snug but now fits. On measuring my waist before group yesterday I have lost 5 inches since I started, my hips/stomach is another question but that is going to be a longer issue as it is never going to disappear completely without surgical help - due to my c-section and terrible stomach muscles... but I can tighten them so hopefully will have lose some inches and gain comfort!

The best thing of all - when I got on the scales in group yesterday, with the small changes and monitoring my syns - I have lost 4.5lb in a week! I am about 3lb off of that stone award and I am determined to get there in the next two weeks, I could say one, but I chose to predict a 2lb loss in group this week so as not to disappoint myself to much.

I'd like to have a stone and a half by Easter but as long as it comes off eventually, will be happy with the losses (and the gains/maintains) as it is 11.5lb less then I was in November! The next step is to sort out joining the gym... It is a scary thought and one which feels me full of dread but I need to do it, my stomach muscles demand it! I have the luxury of work being my excuse next week but there after I MUST go... so any local people who want to join me - I can't commit to regular days at the moment, but an one willing to occasionally buddy up (I can be the gym floozy and date around!), please message me here or on FB.

Here are couple of my  Insta-Inspirations....

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