Plateaus & Transgressions

Well the title says it all, since last Friday my weight has been at a plateau and I will openly admit I have eaten pizza and a couple of biscuits this week.

But I wonder if this plateau could be down to the fact that since I have returned to work full time, I have not
been able to drink as much water., as I have had a couple of PP days and still no weightloss!

According to the book a plateau is to be expected after a significant loss and that it can also happen if enough water is not being drunk and if oat bran has been missed out, all of which has happened this week! So next week I intend to do a full week of PP (if finances and work allows), eating oat bran allowance and drinking as much water as possible throughout the day - even if it means having to keep getting up in the night (well I'm up with little man anyway!)

Wish me luck! Hopefully, next time we meet I'll be half a stone lighter!


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