What a week!!

Well this week has been a hectic one in our house.

With OH off work due to his back accumulating in a trip to out of hours Dr first thing (6am!) yesterday morning and another visit today to A&E and a busy but productive week at work.

I simply haven't had time to try any recipes from my Dukan book this week, although I have ear marked a couple for next week including trying the galettes, a chocolate oat bran muffins (woo hoo!), Dukan mayo and Dukan bread!

I have discovered a lovely fajita paste that is really nice on chicken and combined with cottage cheese it is so yummy! I had it for dinner tonight and could have eaten it all over again - the only problem being I wanted something sweet after - so I've been naughty and had a glass of weak hi-juice squash which did the trick.

So you are probably wondering how I've done... Well some how since yesterday I lost 5lb overnight (I've triple checked and it is accurate) so I am 2lb away from having lost two stone since starting this journey little under two months ago. I've lost 5 inches off my bust, 3.5 inches off my waist, 3 inches from my hips & an inch off each thigh and people are starting to notice the difference.

Not just my mother who now wants to try the diet herself! But also an old work colleague who today told me a looked really well with my weight loss - which made my day, because as past post have mentioned I have had plateaus and wobbles with cravings which I have caved into!
But the fact that it is noticeable and on a day where I definitely wasn't dressed/looking my best (due to throwing myself together for A&E trip) it such a nice comment has made me resolve to try harder over the coming weeks.

Especially as I only have three months until my friend's wedding and want to wear a floaty dress in a 14 to the reception! And more importantly (sorry B) it is four months until L's birthday and I want to commemorate it by having a nice 'relaxed' family portrait taken by a very talented friend.

Especially, as there are many many pictures of L, a couple of L and Daddy and even less of L and me - although this one below of L and I, I do love & you know what I'm going to bite the bullet and share with you the one which made me swear I'd be losing weight (& sorting my hair/glasses out)... So until next week when I hopefully will be sharing my cooking (Or D's cooking if I'm deemed unsafe in the kitchen lol) have a good week!


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