The benefits of a protein packed breakfast

I wrote last week about my new favourite breakfast, and I have since read that there has been a recent study that has revealed that by eating a large protein packed meal at breakfast you can have a positive effect on your metabolism.

There is an old adage that you should breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dine like a pauper. This new study recommends you do just that - as by starting your day with a protein based meal your blood-sugar balance becomes more stable (explains my lack of headaches!!), prevents a surge in insulin which promotes fat storage and can also prevent bloating later in the day = the appearance of a flatter stomach (and who doesn't like that idea!)

As our metabolisms peak at around mid day there is some sense in the idea that by eating your biggest meal then, you are making the most of of it and in theory you will burn more calories then you have consumed. Well, if you have a normal metabolism! Mine has been well and truly thrown out for almost six years by my random shift patterns, but I am willing to try anything to reboot it! 

So I am going to get out my Dukan cookbooks and see what breakfast items I can take from there and convert to make them SW friendly with little or no syns! 

But few of breakfast options I am going to be trying this week are: 

Scrambled eggs (Milk from Hex A) 
Smoked salmon slices x 2
Wholemeal bread x 400g (Hex B) 
1tbsp of pesto (syn)
Half avocado 

Followed by a small apple & a muller yoghurt


Fat free yoghurt 
2tbsp of sunflower seeds
A handful of berries
1 Banana 
3 x plain oatcakes (Hex B)
2tbsp of almond nut butter 
1 tsp of honey 

Kelly's (@tiasmum12 )Porridge Mix 

Porridge oats
Muller yoghurt
Fruit of your choice

Mix the oats with a (syn free) Muller yoghurt of your choice and leave to soak overnight. In the morning add fresh or frozen fruit. A quick and easy breakfast with little prep the night before! @Tiasmum12 assures me that it is delicious and very filling! 

Now all I need to do is go food shopping! 


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