A stone lighter... Onwards and downwards!

I finally shifted the pesky pound which has thwarted me all week.

So it is onto the next stone, this time I am allowing myself 50 days to lose it in, which equates to 2lb a week.

According to Dr Dukan, this is a reasonable target given the amount of weight I have left to lose. (I promise after the next stone is gone I will reveal all - that's if you want to know?)

As I get closer I will lower my weekly target to 1lb, as I full expect it to take longer to shift the lighter I get and I am ok with this. As I hope it will give me chance to firm up, something which is much needed! Especially my tummy.

Sorry to keep it short and sweet but I must now go get little man's breakfast ready, but had to share my joy whilst he was occupied with Daddy.


  1. go you!!! Be proud of your achievements, remain focused on your goal & you will win!! :)

    @mostlyvictoria x x


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