Day 9 - 11lb gone!

Well got on the scales today and I am yet again a pound lighter than yesterday and I feel great...

Word of advise for anyone thinking of doing the diet - don't forget to eat lunch!
I did yesterday, as I was so busy what with taking Mousey to the doctors, having friends call round and a loft insulation inspection and by the end of the day I was really craving something quick and carb filled... But I resisted and had salmon and cottage cheese - it might sound a bit bland but I have discovered all different ways to jazz the foods up without the need for sauces - although Dukan does have some lovely recipes I've yet to try out... When I do I will share some.

This weekend when Mousey is away at his grandparents I may enlist D to help trial some - he's the chef in this house as I can be a culinary disaster when its not basic, but practice makes perfect and now I'm a mummy, my famous
Jacket Potato & Diet Coke à la a Rachel from Friends wont quite cut it nutrition wise!

So that's the next challenge - learn to
cook and perfect it so that Mousey is proud of Mummy's cooking and enjoys eating healthily!!


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