Two weeks in...

Well it's been two weeks since I started the Dukan Diet and so far I've lost 11lb!

The last week has seen my weight drop by another 1lb and rise again - stagnating at a 11lb loss.

I've been good - I had one little slip up involving a crumpet, it was out of hunger at the end of my second KIT day at work, this was also a PV day and for some reason I have felt less satisfied on these days, no matter that I eat the same amount of protein just with added veg. What I've found interesting is that I didn't enjoy the taste and rather than sate my hunger it had the opposite effect.

But surely this slip up couldn't be the reason why I hadn't lost anything for five days, especially as additionally I felt bloated and exhausted. I had put these down to the change in routine, which with along with other things meant not drinking a lot during the day, that is until I checked my calendar, did a little research and found another reason why... that time of the month was due!

Apparently, due to water retention this can cause stagnation of weight/even a
slight increase shown on the scales for a couple of days, so I've resolved not to become disheartened.

I have also decided to give it a couple of days on PP with some extra walking and making sure I drink the full quota of fluids to counteract the water retention as advised by Dukan on his website.

Hopefully this will mean by next week I'll have at least another 2lb loss to report.


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