Slowly but surely...

The weight is dropping off, my weight loss has now steadied to about 1lb a week, which is a healthy loss and will hopefully mean that what is lost will stay off.

That's not to say that I am not a little bit disappointed in myself, as it is L's 1st Birthday in three weeks and I have been hoping that I would be able to
fit into the dress I blogged about back in January but sadly it is still too tight!

I have to confess for the last week I have been naughty - I have Dukan'd for breakfast and dinner, but for lunch I have had a chicken, bacon and lettuce sandwich, as I eat with the children at work and I am trying to encourage one of them to eat sandwiches, so we have had a challenge - I eat half my bread and they eat half of theirs.

This probably hasn't helped as I am craving carbs now, but I will try and smash it next week by taking salads and having five days PV/two days PP.

So maybe I won't get in the dress but I will hopefully fit my denim shorts & the weather will stay nice enough to wear them to the zoo!!


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