30 things for 30th update...

I have found two more things for my list and begun to cross off other bits... 

Including the acts of kindness - for example last week I made sure to give my thanks to the station staff at Colchester who dealt wonderfully well when all services were messed up by a rail accident at another station. 

Hair makeover has begun - firstly my hair has had a bleach bath to help remove some of the red... I am slowly aiming toward being blonde for the summer... As my family love my hair in this photo: 

Problem being a) I am 19 with good hair not ruined by pregnancy hormones and b) I can't remember what Nice and Easy or L'oreal dye I used or what cut I had! 

So currently I resemble this:

A golden root and purple ends! Roll on
Wed when my sister comes to save the day! 


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