Birthday surprises and pampering...

Last Saturday was my 30th Birthday, D and L surprised me by arranging with my sister to book me into Ultraviolet to have a Gelish manicure and Therapy pedicure. 

D wanted to book me in for a facial so that I could have a proper spa day but Pia and my Mum advised him that as Ultraviolet don't do Dermalogica and I hadn't found a place locally that I liked since my beauty therapist many years ago had left the salon I use to use, he would be best to stick with the nails... 

I was a happy girl anyway. I booked in the manicure to follow my hair appointment last Tuesday, but they were fully booked, so they couldn't fit me in for the pedicure until the end of the week - brilliant for them and it meant that I got to spread out my birthday treats. 

So, following my hair appointment (I will be blogging about that later), P took L for dinner and left me to enjoy a lovely hand massage and have a beautiful Gelish French manicure. 

L wanted me to have Mr Tickle orange nails, and I was tempted however as Gelish nails stays on for weeks, doesn't chip and stays shiney until it is removed, I needed something that was 'work friendly' and would allow me to see my nail beds for infection control purposes (boring but sadly imperative). I still wanted something shimmery, so went for a lovely iridescent pink. 


M x 

Then at the end of the week I returned to see Sharon - Ultraviolet's Head of Beauty Therapy for a Therapy pedicure. 

On my arrival early so Pia seated me, offered me a coffee and began soaking off my previous polish as it was a Nails
Inc glitter one and I hadn't dared touch it with my manicure as acetone damages gelish. 

When Sharon became available, she began with a foot spa before removing the remaining very tough glitter polish (I swear to never again wear glitter polish to a pedicure) then shaped my nails and worked on my heels and soles of my feet in between soaking and topped it off with a lovely massage before applying Gelish polish to my toenails.

All the while we were chatting about everything, how I want to return to
Complementary Therapies and what other services the salon offered, as we were talking about the children's party they'd had in the day before, Pia returned and mentioned that I had taken her for a make up lesson as her birthday treat years ago, sparking her interest in professional make up. 

Well, little did any of us realise until this point that Sharon was the beauty therapist, and now has her under her wing at work and more importantly for me - the one I have had difficulty replacing! 

Sharon lived up to my memories and worked her magic on my feet - they were a mess! 

But oh my goodness, the pedicure has left them soft and beautiful, and what made them even better was that I added a Gelish pedicure in.
As I couldn't choose from all the colours, I asked Sharon to and I now have lovely dark purple toes with silver glitter accents (very me!) and as last time when Paige did the Gelish pedicure, it lasted almost 6 weeks, it is definitely worth it! 

I am so happy and pleased with my birthday treat - particularly as it has led me to become reacquainted with the one person who has ever got my brows to look good and my skin to glow without breaking out! 

And as their slogan says I definitely have the Ultraviolet Addiction now! 

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