Fashion Friday Plus Size - My first link up - Week 3...

 I’ve been following Innocent Charm Chats blog for over a year now and LOVE her fashion posts and style, which is all about embracing your figure and loving/celebrating the fact your curvy rather than hiding away. 
If you've read my previous post you will realise that I am struggling with my weight and not loving my size right now. 
So when I saw a tweet about starting a #FashionFridayPlusSize I decide as part if my 30th birthday overhaul, I wanted on board. I want love what I am wearing, feel comfortable and embrace fashion in a way that suits my shape... I seemed to lose my style when I left fashion retail and gained a few sizes and now I want it back!  
I didn't get around to sharing an outfit in the first two weeks -  so starting week 3 of #FashionFridayPlusSize here is my chosen outfit: 

Sleeveless Leopard Print Skater Dress - New Look Inspire (Last Year) 

Pendulum Cut Jacket - New Look Inspire

Black Leggings - Primark 

Bronze Glitter Sandals - Dorothy Perkins 

Finished off with an Aztec patterned bowling bag from EBay (missed out of the picture!)

You don't have to be a blogger, just love fashion, be Plus Sized and happy to share your outfits and others to love themselves and embrace their shape and style! 

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  1. Looking fab, thanks so much for linking up, I hope you enjoyed doing xxx

  2. I had a lot of fun - I am currently thinking about which outfit to share for next week, which is work day dependant! x


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