I am Frozen and I won't 'Let it Go!'

It's been over a week now since we have had hot water... When it first happened last weekend, I thought 'oh that won't be a problem, we have boiler insurance, it'll all be sorted by mid week'... I was WRONG! 

The boiler repair man came out on Wednesday, took one look at the boiler and told me yes he could fix it BUT wouldn't be doing it that day(!) as he couldn't touch the Magnaclean filter that is fitted to the pipes as it isn't covered. Yet, such filters (particularly this make) is now recommended by Heateam and insurers, to prevent scale and sludge messing up the boiler and causing insurers a big payout! 

However, he'd come back and fix the £400 worth of parts, that had been caused by water damage from a leaking Magnaclean,  once we had got a independent plumber out to fix it (like this was a favour!)

Queue much too-ing and fro-ing with Domestic and General, the people on their claims team tried their best, they have agreed that the terms and conditions, do not clearly state what ISN'T covered but generally I got nowhere and face the prospect of being out of pocket - despite taking out insurance to prevent this!! It has led me to question why the household insurance companies are not forced to standardise their terms and conditions, and I will be contacting BBC Watchdog in the first steps to addressing this issue, as how many people out there are just about to take out heating insurance thinking that they will be covered this winter and do not realise that they probably won't be? 

 If you have boiler/plumbing insurance - call them and check what is covered!

We have a plumber coming out to replace Magnaclean and service it ASAP... but by the the time it is all fixed it will have been two weeks! I am lucky that this happened during the summer (although it isn't ideal at any time of year). Yet, had it happened during the winter, we would have been well and truly FROZEN! 

Either way I will not be singing 'Let it Go!' 

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