Another year on...

It was just over a year ago that I last wrote a post, looking back at the positivity, with which I faced 2013 I can honestly say that I did try to live up to my promise to make it a year of memories. 

We may not have made it to Disneyland, what with finances being squeezed as D is now currently a SAHD due to the problems he has had following surgery on his lower back. But hopefully 2014 will bring a small job for him which he can combine with looking after L - who finally started nursery this week... A blog for another day... And which will mean we can aim to do a bit of travelling early next year, as this year has costly but wonderful things happening... I will finally be passing my driving test... I have to as I lose three hours a day of my life travelling, more if there are delays and if we have adverse weather then I can't get to work! (Not always a bad thing from a family point of view but I hate letting the people I work with down when they need someone), I turn 30 in August - which also means lots of old friends do to - meaning celebrations aplenty, a dear friend of mine also gets married this year and I also plan to apply to do my nurse training and take L on our first family holiday plus plenty of days out - oh and to add to it I am determined to get my health in check. 

As my Nana Rose would say (picture a well dressed, little Jewish lady with red hair) I am 'BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!' *hand gestures to emphasise the point*.

But despite being busy, I have decided to borrow an idea from @8TOZERS who is doing a 40 before she is 40 list... I am going to have 30 things to do in my 30th year list... I will begin writing it this week and will be sharing it soon but one thing on it is to maintain my blog this year more as a record for me but hopefully it might be of interest to others too. 

Namaste until next time x

2013... A couple of pics from some of the happy events... 


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