Act of kindness for the week

My first intentional act of kindness is to revisit my skills of active listening, too often I find myself jumping in when someone is speaking to me either to preempt what they want or to show I can relate/understand. Also, there are times
I simply become distracted by something else - usually my phone - both work and personal... this acknowledgement of how my skills as a listener have become sloppy and at times rude and dare I say self centred has made me stop and think about how it leaves others feeling and shouldn't I lead by example - how can I expect it of others when I am not fulfilling a basic human kindness. 

So as I tell L often I am going to STOP and switch my listening ears on... 

Hopefully, this act will not only make the person speaking feel they have my full attention but allow them to realise that I truly do care about what they have to day and will also mean I become a better person.


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