Another for my list... Acts of kindness...

Earlier today on FB an old and extremely talented friend posted that she would be taking part in a pay it forward art making project - I jumped at the chance to get involved as I am always looking for an opportunity to pick up my brushes... I decided not to stick with FB alone and will be sharing it on twitter too... I just hope I get some response. 

Having been inspired by this I then later saw a link (see below) to coffee cups and crayons page dedicated to carrying out 100 Acts of Kindness between the 20th January (Martin Luther King day) and 14th February. 

The idea is based upon teaching children that no act of kindness is too small - by carrying out small and simple acts of kindness in the home and community. To show children everyone can be kind. Everyone can make a difference.

This got me thinking - that this would make a great item for my list - carrying out 30 acts of kindness between now and my 30th birthday - along with as many little ones that L and I can find to do together each week for the next 27 weeks. 

Whilst I will not look for thanks or praise, perhaps I will find my old self - the girl who I appear to have lost, who believed strongly in spirituality and karma... - thank you for the inspiration! 


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