Slimming World really is Extra Easy!

Whoop! Having had a gain of a 11/2 lb over Christmas last week I got back on track following Slimming World's Extra East SP plan... A temporary plan introduced this month as a way of restarting your weight loss following a gain/stagnation or if you have an event coming up like a wedding to attend and want a significant loss...

It has been trialed previous to launch by the Slimming World consultants, with my Consultant stating that some had lost as much a 8lb in a week... BUT it isn't for everyone! IF you are pregnant, have a health condition like diabetes, or are young then it isn't recommended as the difference between normal Extra Easy and Extra Easy SP is that you have NO PASTA, NO RICE, NO POTATOES, & NO 'FREE FOODS' like Muller yoghurt - BUT you are allowed all 'FREE FOODS' listed with a S (Speed food) and a P (Protein)...

Having previously done the Dukan, I thought to myself you know what I can do this, no problem! But boy was it a struggle... it made it feel like a diet, and made me appreciate how much the usual Slimming World EE plan really isn't a diet but more a change of lifestyle!

Personally I lost 4lb, which meant I finally got my 1/2 a stone award, so I am happy, I have been chasing it since my second week, next step is my 1 stone award, which I would like sooner rather than later, but I will keep plodding and not beat myself up if I don't get it in the next two weeks... Although it should be easier if my body cooperates, as last week has taught me that being 100% on EE is actually more enjoyable - the banana, Muller light yoghurt and pasta (not all together!), which I had yesterday evening after a week without then, seemed tastier than a bar of chocolate would have been!

But that is the crux, sometimes your body doesn't want to cooperate, sometimes it wants to hang on to  water, sometimes by increasing exercise/activity it might make your muscles store lactic acid, which will make weigh in day that week horrendous and leave you feeling miserable when the scales do not show what you know is true and what you have worked so hard for! I've been there a few times of late (and previously too) and what I have learnt from speaking to others, is to take my measurements as well as my weight into account, and to make sure that I have photos to compare (I hate the camera, I prefer to be the photographer and I avoid it as much as possible, so this one is trickier for me to do).

Personally, I have also begun trialing the new Slimming World Weight Loss Planner, which has the additional benefit of having a journal part, allowing me to log how I am feeling each day - as well as what I have eaten... So provides the benefit of personal reflection, if I do not wish to share it here!

There is also the support of the consultants and your group... I never realised how important it was to take the hour out to stay - at times during a week of a gain/stagnation, you may judge yourself but NO ONE else there is judging you! We are all there to support each other, and knowing that every single person in that room will have felt what you currently do at some point and can empathise with you, truly is a support to get you back on track.

All of this I know, (I was there the other side of Christmas) is easier said than done when you are at that moment in time where the scales have either stayed the same or gone the wrong way, but worth remembering that it is a momentary blip in a journey to improve your health and life!

So hopefully next week the scales will continue to decrease - if not, fingers crossed my inches will instead, and if all else fails I know that my consultant and group will be there with support and advice.

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