A yummy break and an iPhone app treat - well it is Easter!

With the passing of Lent - I have decided to take a small (long-weekend) break from Dr Dukan and allow myself to dine out with friends and enjoy some lovely home cooked pizza (D has been demonstrating his Pizzola skills in the kitchen today to his friend) over the weekend. 

Whilst, I am enjoying the break, I must say I am eager to get back to the diet on Tuesday, fully focused and refreshed (if a little bloated from the carbs... the fact that I am noticing the difference in how they make me feel and my energy levels after eating 'bad' carbs amazes me!). 

With a new week beginning and being only 2lb away from my last goal, it is now time to look at a new weight loss goal (and share with you my starting weight and current weight). 

Until, now I have been doing it by stone, recording my loss on a handy free app on the iPhone called Targetweight. So, for Easter I decided to upgrade to the paid for app to access other useful functions including a note taking feature where I can record my inch loss measurements as well as my weight.

I have been able to transfer my data from the free app, meaning that I can continue to monitor what weight loss has occurred over the last four months, but this time the graphs are more user friendly. 

So using the weight loss calculator I have decided that rather than setting my next target to one stone, I am going to set my new target to 10% which set at an aggressive but healthy weight loss of 1lb a week (which you will see from to screenshot of my current STATs from 1/12/2011 to today is what my average loss has been until now).

So my aim is to lose 1st 10lb by the end of July - going by the stats shown above it should be possible to do this by the 10th of August, if I continue at my current loss of 1.4lb per week.

Considering that I started recording my weight loss properly in January and I have lost 2 stone since my first weigh in at the end of November where I weighed 19st 6lb, I feel that I can do this and I hope that you will continue to follow my journey... as I aim to get to 12st - with the next stop being 15st 9lb...

......All aboard the weight loss train!......


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