Carbs are NOT my friends!

Bugger it all! As with most 'relationship' breaks, mine with Dr Dukan has led to weight gain - a significant gain of 4lb in the last week! With the addition of sugar cravings and bloating... was the break worth it? YES!

Not because of the Easter meals out or the chocolate, but because it has made me more sure that Dr Dukan's way of eating is for me! I have come to realise that when I am properly on the diet I feel so much better - I feel lighter and more energetic, there are NO sugar cravings after a few days.

So, as of Thursday, our relationship is back on - with a renewed vigour... I say Thursday as that is when I must go shopping and restock the fridge and cupboards... so until then I am off to help finish off the bag of Doritos in the cupboard and the last of the Easter chocolate that isn't destined for Mousey Man!

After which I am going to have 7 days pure protein and harrass D to make me those nice Dukan biscuits...


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