That 'Seven Year Itch'

Let me just clarify, this post isn't about my love of all things Marilyn (although I really should write one!) Instead, it is because after almost seven years, I have just accepted a new role with a different company and I am a bit giddy with excitement over the new challenges awaiting me.

The first of which, sees me starting and completing an NVQ assessor qualification in six months, from there the opportunities are aplenty!

It was a bittersweet day on Monday - it all came about so fast, I hadn't even warned my current line managers, and since they are good friends I felt guilty and a bit sick.

I'd weighed up the pros and the cons, those who know me well, know that it isn't decision that I have taken lightly, as I have loved my work and the families.

So much so, that the phone calls and email of resignation, go down as being two of the hardest/emotional things I have done. Yet, they don't get rid of me that easily as I am staying on the Bank!

It's not to say that I hadn't been considering a change - granted it was to do my Nursing qualification, but this opportunity to build a career in Health and Social care education, based on what I have learnt from my colleagues and experiences I have had feels like the perfect fit!

What I will gain, far outweighs what I would lose. A small, temporary, pay drop means that, come September, when he starts school (one of those OMG my baby is growing up moments!) I will have weekends off with L. Additionally, I will be able to develop myself, whilst mentoring others and pass on the knowledge and skills others have provided me.

I am nervous and I am sure that between now and the 7th of April I will question myself plenty. But as long as they stay frivolous, such as my panic that my wardrobe needs updating/refreshing, then it will be ok! Plus I've realised I can have a regular manicure and will have time/energy for the gym.

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