Going blonde... Review of Ultraviolet's hair services

A few months back I wrote about how I had discovered a lovely local beauty salon called Ultraviolet at a charity fundraiser and that I intended to treat myself once a month there. Unfortunately until now life has prevented me from making it to the salon, either due to lack of time or lack of money. 

However, since my last blog my 'baby' sister P, has become their receptionist and occasional make up artist (she has found her calling!) and last night put out on their FB page that they had had a cancellation today with Hannah one of their junior hairstylist... Well I needed my hair coloured, as my roots were getting close to half an inch long and at just £10 a treatment on 'Trainee Tuesdays', how could this be passed up?

So this morning having left L with Nana (and jumping on his Auntie P), I went off to Ultraviolet for a little bit of me time. 

I have been into the salon once previously, when P dragged me in about a month ago to have a colour correct treatment following my return to being a blonde after three years of red. The home dyeing had left me rocking a 'Thundercats' look! At the I was impressed the by their junior Hannah and her knowledge and professionalism, so was really looking forward to seeing what she could do with my hair today and the basic brief of keeping it blonde but adding dimension.

Hannah took her time and talked through my options, assessing my skin tone and hair type before selecting some golden blonde shades for foils and bleaching the hair in between, as it was decided that anything too ash based would make me look washed out. 

All through my visit, Hannah made me feel welcome and was attentive, there was no attempts to force conversation or uncomfortable lulls - something that I have hated at other salons! Even her assessor joined in. 

On removing the foils, under the guidance of equally lovely Gemma, Hannah applied a TIGI colour gloss toner, to even out the colour and oh my word the shine even when wet was amazing! 

I have always been a fan of TIGI hair products - but never experimented with their colours, only ever having had clairol previously, but now I am a big fan. As for their hair products TIGI's Bed Head is my ultimate salon buy - the oatmeal and honey has been my favourite for years, I discovered the frizz taming wonders of it when I had a perm about seven years ago but it is the scent that I really loved, it contains three of my favourite essential oils jasmine, sandalwood and bitter orange which make you think of warm cookies. 

Unfortunately of late, I have been unable to buy it locally and thought they had stopped making it until I mentioned in passing to Hannah and she announced that they had just started stocking it! The proceeded to use it on my hair (I think I might have to book in for a wash and blow dry once a month for the head massage!) 

After all the washing was done, I was taken back round to have my hair dried and straightened and the shine following this is stunning! Oh the condition of my hair is fab! Following the last cut my hair was still very dry at the tips following the chemical abuse it has received, however today's salon visit has changed it from a stack of hay to golden silk! 

I won't say that I will never self-dye again, but I have booked myself in for August, this time to have it coloured and cut ala Kaley Cuoco's short pixie style... 

Well it will be my 30th and at £20 for cut and colour on training day with my new hairdresser, I'd be crazy not too... Oh and the best bit was thanks to my lovely sister owing me a hairdye it cost me nothing as she paid! 

... Better photos to follow...


M x 


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